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  • research data . 2017
    Open Access
    Fried, Tal; Weissbrod, Lior; Tepper, Yotam; Bar-Oz, Guy;
    Project: EC | NEGEVBYZ (648427)

    It is widely believed that Byzantine agriculture in the Negev Desert (4th–7th cent. CE), with widespread construction of terraces and dams, altered local landscapes. However, no direct evidence in archaeological sites yet exists to test this assumption. We uncovered lar...

  • research data . 2015 . Embargo End Date: 28 Apr 2015
    Open Access English
    Hodgson, Jason A.; Mulligan, Connie J.; Al-Meeri, Ali; Raaum, Ryan L.;
    Publisher: Dryad
    Project: NSF | Human Dispersals Out of A... (0518530)

    Genetic studies have identified substantial non-African admixture in the Horn of Africa (HOA). In the most recent genomic studies, this non-African ancestry has been attributed to admixture with Middle Eastern populations during the last few thousand years. However, mit...

2 research outcomes, page 1 of 1