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    Winn, Meredith; Simon, Patrick; Morales, Laura; Saji, Ami; Jourdan, Virginie; Gosselin, Anne; Ravalihasy, Andy; Safi, Mirna;
    Publisher: Zenodo
    Project: EC | SGA3 (861952), EC | SSHOC (823782), EC | H2020 (681463), EC | SGA3 (861952), EC | SSHOC (823782), EC | H2020 (681463)

    On 24 June 2021, COST Action 16111 – ETHMIGSURVEYDATA, FAIRETHMIGQUANT (a French Agence Nationale de la Recherche funded Open Science project based at Sciences Po, CEE) and MiDi - Migration et Diversité (Sciences Po), in partnership with Ined et l'IC Migrations, hosted a webinar in French to showcase the EMM (Ethnic and Migrant Minority) Survey Registry and the French surveys it captures to a French-speaking audience. This is the video recording of this webinar, which is also available for viewing on ETHMIGSURVEYDATA's Youtube channel. The program for the webinar can be found below: Laura Morales (Sciences Po, CEE) & Patrick Simon (Ined et IC Migrations): Welcome remarks Meredith Winn (Sciences Po, CEE): L’EMM Survey Registry et la situation des enquêtes auprès des minorités en France Virginie Jourdan (Ministère de l’Intérieur – DGEF – DSED): Elipa 2 – Présentation et premier résultats d’une enquête sur les primo-arrivants en France Anne Gosselin (Iris, Inserm) & Andy Ravalihasy (Université de Paris, Centre Population et développement): Présentation de l’enquête Parcours de vie et santé chez les migrants d’origine d’Afrique subsaharienne vivant en Île-de-France Ami Saji (Sciences Po, CEE): Le EMM Survey Registry à long-terme Mirna Safi (Sciences Po, LIEPP): Discussion -- The EMM Survey Registry is jointly being produced by SSHOC’s Task 9.2 (Ethnic Migration Studies) team of Work Package 9 (Data Communities), in close collaboration with COST Action 16111 – ETHMIGSURVEYDATA (an international network of more than 200 researchers active in the ethnic and migration studies field) and FAIRETHMIGQUANT (a French Agence Nationale de la Recherche funded Open Science project).