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    Christian Degrigny; Francesca Piqué;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France

    International audience; The aim of this study was to examine and document the wall paintings in theChâteau de Germolles. Situated in Burgundy, France, Germolles is the best preservedresidence of the Dukes of Burgundy and was listed as a monument ofnational importance in 1989.The medieval wall decoration of the Château de Germolles was rediscoveredunder the nineteenth-century plasters during World War II. Medieval accounts ofthe château provide a detailed list of the materials acquired to make the muraldecoration, but this list is incongruous when compared with the current appearanceof the paintings. The discrepancy between the archival and material evidence,and also the need to understand the complexity of the painting technique usedwere the main motivations for undertaking the case study described in this chapter.Imaging alongside more traditional examination techniques were utilized torecord and document the mural decoration. The objectives of the case study wereto distinguish the original materials from those applied during restoration, identifythose materials, and correlate them with the archives. We also tried to understandthe medieval painting techniques used and assess the condition of the paintingsand stabilization requirements. Finally we aimed to find a sustainable solution forthe management of the various types of data collected. Various techniques andinvestigations offered valuable insights into the materials and the painting techniqueused. To improve visitor experience, based on the information gained in thecourse of this study, a 3D virtual representation of the original decoration is currentlyproposed for display to the public visiting the Château de Germolles.