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  • Open Access English
    Hogenaar, A.Th.; Witkamp, P.; Bruijne, M.C. de; Wijnant, Arnaud; Kvamme, Trond; Kvalheim, Vigdis; Recker, Astrid; Fihn, Johan; Berglund, Torbjörn; Jerlehag, Birger; +7 more
    Publisher: University of Copenhagen
    Project: EC | DASISH (283646)

    This report was produced in the context of the project Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities (DASISH) work package 4.3 Convergence of Data Services. The goal has been to allow the selection and promotion of high-quality deposit services for ...

  • Open Access English
    Odijk, J.E.J.M.; Overkoepelend onderzoeksprogramma UiL-OTS; LS OZ Taal en spraaktechnologie;
    Publisher: META-NET
    Project: EC | T4ME NET (249119)
  • Open Access English
    Otegi, Arantxa; Aranberri, Nora; Branco, António; Hajic, Jan; Neale, Steven; Osenova, Petya; Pereira, Rita; Popel, Martin; Silva, João; Simov, Kiril; +1 more
    Publisher: European Language Resources Association
    Country: Portugal
    Project: EC | QTLEAP (610516)

    This work presents parallel corpora automatically annotated with several NLP tools, including lemma and part of-speech tagging, named-entity recognition and classification, named-entity disambiguation, word-sense disambiguation, and coreference. The corpora comprise bot...

  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2013
    Open Access
    Reinanda, R.; Odijk, D.; de Rijke, M.;
    Publisher: TAIA '13
    Project: EC | PROMISE (258191), NWO | Semantic Search in E-Disc... (2300168486), NWO | Modeling and Learning fro... (2300171779), NWO | Building Rich Links to En... (2300153702), EC | LIMOSINE (288024), NWO | SPuDisc: Searching Public... (2300176811)
  • Open Access English
    de Rijke, Maarten; Jijkoun, Valentin; Laan, Fons; Weerkamp, Wouter; Ackermans, Paul; Geleijnse, Gijs;
    Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
    Project: NWO | DutchSemCor: 1 million te... (2300154091), EC | PROMISE (258191), NWO | Semantic Search in E-Disc... (2300168486), NWO | Building Rich Links to En... (2300153702), NWO | Content-based Literature ... (2300152116), EC | LIMOSINE (288024)
  • Open Access English
    Hollander, H.S.; Morselli, Francesca; Admiraal, F.; Conrad, Anders; Trippel, Thorsten; Zeldenrust, Douwe; Ronzino, Paola; Di Giorgio, Sara; Madonna, Antonio Davide; Hedges, Mark;
    Publisher: PARTHENOS
    Project: EC | PARTHENOS (654119)

    The aim of this report is to present to its stakeholders (researchers, policy makers, cultural heritage institutions, research infrastructures, archives) a series of recommendations and guidelines about which policies to apply during and after their research or infrastr...

  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2014
    Open Access English
    L'Hours, Hervé; Offersgaard, Lene; Wittenberg, M.; Wloka, Bartholomäus;
    Publisher: European Commission
    Project: EC | DASISH (283646)

    The aim of this task was to analyse and compare the different metadata strategies of CLARIN, DARIAH and CESSDA, and to identify possibilities of cross-fertilization to take profit from each other solutions where possible. To have a better understanding in which stages o...