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  • Publication . Article . Other literature type . 2017
    Open Access English
    Michael Haslam; R. Adriana Hernandez-Aguilar; Tomos Proffitt; Adrián Arroyo; Tiago Falótico; Dorothy M. Fragaszy; Michael D. Gumert; John W.K. Harris; Michael A. Huffman; Ammie K. Kalan; +12 more
    Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
    Countries: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom
    Project: EC | PRIMARCH (283959)

    Since its inception, archaeology has traditionally focused exclusively on humans and our direct ancestors. However, recent years have seen archaeological techniques applied to material evidence left behind by non-human animals. Here, we review advances made by the most ...

  • Open Access English
    Jana Hasenäcker; Olga Solaja; Davide Crepaldi;
    Country: Italy
    Project: EC | STATLEARN (679010)

    In visual word identification, readers automatically access word internal information: they recognize orthographically embedded words (e.g., HAT in THAT) and are sensitive to morphological structure (DEAL-ER, BASKET-BALL). The exact mechanisms that govern these processe...

  • Publication . Article . 2012
    Open Access
    Andrew J. Martin; Sharon Peperkamp; Emmanuel Dupoux;
    Publisher: Wiley
    Project: EC | BOOTPHON (295810)

    Before the end of the first year of life, infants begin to lose the ability to perceive distinctions between sounds that are not phonemic in their native language. It is typically assumed that this developmental change reflects the construction of language-specific phon...

  • Open Access English
    Clara D. Martin; Monika Molnar; Manuel Carreiras;
    Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
    Country: Spain
    Project: EC | ATHEME (613465), EC | BILITERACY (295362)

    Published: 13 May 2016 The present study investigated the proactive nature of the human brain in language perception. Specifically, we examined whether early proficient bilinguals can use interlocutor identity as a cue for language prediction, using an event-related pot...

  • Publication . Other literature type . Article . 2013
    Open Access
    Nathaniel J. Smith; Roger Levy;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV
    Country: United States
    Project: NSF | CAREER: Rational Language... (0953870), EC | XPERIENCE (270273)

    AbstractIt is well known that real-time human language processing is highly incremental and context-driven, and that the strength of a comprehender’s expectation for each word encountered is a key determinant of the difficulty of integrating that word into the preceding...

  • Open Access English
    Cai Wingfield; Li Su; Xunying Liu; Chao Zhang; Philip C. Woodland; Andrew Thwaites; Elisabeth Fonteneau; William D. Marslen-Wilson;
    Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Country: United Kingdom
    Project: EC | NEUROLEX (230570), EC | LANGDYN (669820)

    There is widespread interest in the relationship between the neurobiological systems supporting human cognition and emerging computational systems capable of emulating these capacities. Human speech comprehension, poorly understood as a neurobiological process, is an im...

  • Publication . Other literature type . Article . 2017
    Open Access English
    Hilary S.Z. Wynne; Linda Wheeldon; Aditi Lahiri;
    Countries: Norway, United Kingdom
    Project: EC | MOR-PHON (695481)

    Abstract Four language production experiments examine how English speakers plan compound words during phonological encoding. The experiments tested production latencies in both delayed and online tasks for English noun-noun compounds (e.g., daytime), adjective-noun phra...

  • Open Access English
    Erin Moriarty;
    Project: EC | MobileDeaf (714615)

    Abstract Certain historical processes and sign language ideologies have led to the dissemination of American Sign Language (ASL) signs throughout Southeast Asia via deaf education projects, international development interventions, and tourism, notably in Cambodia and In...

  • Publication . Conference object . Other literature type . 2020
    Open Access English
    Bogdan Ludusan; Petra Wagner;
    Publisher: ISCA
    Country: Germany
    Project: EC | HA-HA (799022)

    With laughter research seeing a development in recent years, there is also an increased need in materials having laughter annotations. We examine in this study how one can leverage existing spontaneous speech resources to this goal. We first analyze the process of manua...

  • Publication . Article . Conference object . Preprint . 2020 . Embargo End Date: 01 Jan 2020
    Open Access
    Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez; Raul Ortega;
    Publisher: arXiv
    Project: EC | ELG (825627)

    Textbook Question Answering is a complex task in the intersection of Machine Comprehension and Visual Question Answering that requires reasoning with multimodal information from text and diagrams. For the first time, this paper taps on the potential of transformer langu...