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  • other research product . Other ORP type . literature . 2018
    Open Access
    Banerjee, Swapna M.; Baril, Alexandre; Beaumier, Marie-Laurence B.; Bigo, Mathilde; Braverman, Louis; Davis, Stacey Renee; Gning, Sadio Ba; Hachet, Benoît; Henchoz, Caroline; Holland, Peter; ...
    Publisher: Centre Urbanisation Culture Société (UCS) de l'INRS

    Research Framework: Long conducted in parallel, studies on life stages and gender have converged more in recent years, but still leave large areas uncovered. Some analyzes still treat sex as a simple variable that does not require problematization. Others lose sight of ...

  • other research product . Collection . literature . 2017
    Open Access
    Publisher: De Gruyter

    The various phases of life and their manifestations in theory and social reality constitute a well-established area of research in the fields of western medieval studies and ancient history. In this respect the Byzantine East has been widely neglected. This volume will ...

  • other research product . Other ORP type . literature . 2007
    Open Access
    Barton, Adrien;
    Persistent Identifiers
    Publisher: TextGrid

    Lafaye Georges Louis. Giordano Bruno. In: Revue internationale de l'enseignement, tome 18, Juillet-Décembre 1889. pp. 537-561.

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3 research outcomes, page 1 of 1