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  • Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage
  • 0106 biological sciences
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Beyond Drosophila: Comparative transcriptomics of schizophoran flies to resolve a rapid radiation
  • Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage

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  • Open Access English
    Andrew D. Young; Alan R. Lemmon; Jeffrey H. Skevington; Ximo Mengual; Gunilla Ståhls; Menno Reemer; Kurt Jordaens; Scott Kelso; Emily Moriarty Lemmon; Martin Hauser; +3 more
    Publisher: BioMed Central
    Country: Finland
    Project: NSF | I-Corps: Anchored Hybrid ... (1313554), NSERC , NSF | Beyond Drosophila: Compar... (1257960)

    Background Anchored hybrid enrichment is a form of next-generation sequencing that uses oligonucleotide probes to target conserved regions of the genome flanked by less conserved regions in order to acquire data useful for phylogenetic inference from a broad range of ta...