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  • Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage
  • 2017-2021
  • 01 natural sciences
  • 060102 archaeology
  • Hal-Diderot
  • Hyper Article en Ligne
  • Hyper Article en Ligne - Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société

  • Open Access
    Marc Groenen; Marie-Christine Groenen;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV
    Countries: France, Belgium

    The iconographic, formal and technical analysis of the decoration elements of El Castillo and La Pasiega (Cantabria) highlights a heterogeneous distribution of the main themes, with distribution logics that are very different in each of the caves. In El Castillo, the ma...

  • Open Access English
    Fabien Salmon; Catherine Ferrier; Delphine Lacanette; Jean-Christophe Mindeguia; Jean-Claude Leblanc; Carole Fritz; Colette Sirieix;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France

    The Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave (Ardèche, France), famous for its remarkable rock art, also contains unique thermal-alterations such as rock spalling and color changes on the walls. These alterations resulted from intense fires that have not been observed in the other decor...

  • Open Access
    Silvana Condemi; Jean-Luc Voisin; Laurent Puymerail; Julien Monney; Michel Philippe;
    Country: France

    International audience; The opening of the Deux-Ouvertures cave is on the left bank of the Ardèche River, just before the canyon exit on the land of the village of Saint-Martin d’Ardèche in the Southwest of France. Although it has been known since 1896, the deep part of...